Ethiopia Essential Information

Live Weather & Current Time in Ethiopia


UTC (GMT = UTC + 0)
Adjust times to your UTC and allow daylight savings, e.g. London, England UTC (GMT) – 01:00 in summertime.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
EAT (UTC + 03:00)


Ethiopian Local Time

GMTLocal Time (EAT)Ethiopian Local Time
(UTC)(based on GMT)
4:007:00 AM1 - Daytime
5:008:00 AM2
6:009:00 AM3
7:0010:00 AM4
8:0011:00 AM5
9:0012:00 Noon6
10:001:00 PM7
11:002:00 PM8
12:003:00 PM9
13:004:00 PM10
14:005:00 PM11
15:006:00 PM12
16:007:00 PM1 - Nightime
17:008:00 PM2
18:009:00 PM3
19:0010:00 PM4
20:0011:00 PM5
21:0012 Midnight6
22:001:00 AM7
23:002:00 AM8
0:003:00 AM9
1:004:00 AM10
2:005:00 AM11
3:006:00 AM12
Note: GMT = Greenwich Mean Time, UTC = Coordinated Universal Time (UTC+0 = GMT), EAT = East Africa Time (UTC+03:00). Adjust times to your UTC and also allow for Daylight Savings Time.

Ethiopian Public Holidays

7 January, Genna, Ethiopian Christmas
19 January (leap year 20 January) Timkat, Epiphany
2 March, Adwa Victory Day, commemorates Ethiopia's victory over Italy in 1896
Spring, variable date, Siklet, Good Friday
Spring, variable date, Fasika, Easter
1 May, Labour Day
5 May, Arbegnoch Ken, Patriots' Day, commemorates patriots' resistance to the Italian occupation 1936 to 1941
28 May, National Day, commemorates end of Derg junta 1991
11 September (leap year 12 September), Enkutash, New Year's Day
27 September (leap year 28 September), Meskel, Finding of the True Cross
Variable date, Ramadan
Variable date, Mawid, The Prophet's Birthday
Variable date, Eid al-Fitr, Ramadan Ends
Variable date, Eid al-Adhar, Feast of Sacrifice

Ethiopian Calendar

Derived from the Julian calendar with similarities to the Egyptian Coptic calendar the Ethiopian calendar has 365 days per year with a leap year every 4 years. The West uses the Georgian calendar as do most Ethiopian businesses and the domestic population use the Ethiopian calendar.
The main practical differences are:
The Ethiopian year is 7 years behind the West until January 1st and then becomes 8 years behind until the Ethiopian New Year on the 11 September (leap year 12 September)
There are 12 normal months of equal length, 30 days, plus a 13th short intercalary month, Pagume, taking up the remaining days in the year - 5 days plus one for leap years.