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Meru Publishing specialises in books about Ethiopia. 

The website is dedicated to Ethiopia and the growing demand for books about that fascinating country.

Other exciting books are in preparation and will be added to the website in due course.

Travel Guide: Ethiopia Travellers' Handbook

by Trevor Jenner

Ethiopia Travellers' Handbook is a travel guide conceived for the discerning traveller, the group and package tourist, and those people wishing to have a quick reference guide with a range of facts at their fingertips.

Full colour, 448 pages, over 600 images

Travellers Handbook Cover

Joanna Lumley

Your absolutely stunning book has made me think of all I missed and reinforced my determination to return to Ethiopia. The book is a masterpiece, a masterclass on what every handbook should be.

Jacek Obloj –
Globetrotters Club Member

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In my experience I found that ‘Travellers Handbook’ helped me through most of the confusing situations while travelling due to its extensive, up to date and in-depth information on history, people, myths, the political situation, topography, religion, language and all the practicalities you need to know before you go and when you get there. It even has a whole chapter on fauna!

Mammals Of Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti and Somalia

by Trevor Jenner

This long awaited Field Guide to the Larger Mammals of the Horn of Africa depicts some of the world’s rarest mammals. All of the larger mammals of the Horn of Africa are illustrated including all of the endemics such as: Ethiopian wolf, gelada, Bale monkey, Starck’s hare, giant mole-rat, Somali wild ass, mountain nyala, beira, silver dikdik, Speke’s gazelle, Soemmerring’s gazelle, Dibatag and Walia ibex.

Full colour, 216 pages, over 350 images and maps

Mammals of Ethiopia

Nigel Redman –
Senior author of the field guide, Birds of the Horn of Africa

Birds of the Horn of Africa

Finally, the Horn of Africa has its own dedicated field guide to the larger mammals. This stunning new book is lavishly illustrated and well-designed, with informative texts and accurate maps. The photos are amazing. And it’s light enough to slip into your luggage wherever you go. Anyone with an interest in the wildlife of the region needs this book.

Jon Hall –

Mammal Watching Logo

I wish I had this when I first went to Ethiopia – a hugely needed addition and must have book for anyone interested in the spectacular mammal watching from this still very unexplored region. The where to find mammals section is a real bonus too.